A Warsaw notebook



„It was already April when Peter Kwinto arrived in Warsaw in a jeep.
Te suburb of Praga looked just as he had known it before the war.
Dirty tenement houses with warping wooden structures between
them, long straight streets paved roughly with cobble-stones, wind
– there was always wind there – sweeping up spirals of sand and
litter. Only the lopped-off towers of St. Florian’s and occasional
shrapnel-scarred walls reminded one of the war. All the same,
Praga had changed. Its main street was transformed into a bazaar
and camping site”.

Czesław Miłosz


Truly exceptional varsavianum – a literary notebook containing excerpts from poems, novels, and essays by many renowned authors and beautiful photographs depicting old-time and contemporary Warsaw

Literary notebook containing ‘Warsaw-oriented’ excerpts from poems, novels, and essays by various authors (such famous writers as, e.g., Isaac Bashevis Singer, Witold Gombrowicz, Czesław Miłosz, Marek Edelman, Julia Hartwig, Zbigniew Herbert, Janusz Głowacki, Andrzej Stasiuk), accompanied by rare and beautiful photographs depicting pre- and post-war Warsaw, as well as the contemporary face of the Polish capital city.

Selected and edited by Marek Zagańczyk

Published in cooperation with Fundacja Zeszyty Literackie and Dom Spotkań z Historią, Warsaw.

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Marek Zagańczyk

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