Marek Edelman: Being on the Right Side



A Jewish fighter and Polish soldier during the World War 2. A leftist who never believed in communism. A critic of Israel who refused to recognize the Palestinians’ resistance movement until they relinquished terrorism. A doctor who saved human lives with pioneering heart surgeries. An activist of Solidarity, arrested under the rules of the martial law in Poland. A hero.

The authors, active in the democratic opposition under communism, interviewed Edelman for the first time on behalf of an illegal paper they published clandestinely. From that moment on, meetings with Edelman became a part of their lives. They ended up devoting no fewer than three books to Edelman. Each one was a bestseller in Poland, and translations were published in Israel, Germany, and Russia.

The English-language version of this biography is based on all three of these books and many conversations with Edelman.

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